Griffin the Aussie-Border Collie (after his passing)

“[My person] need not miss me so much, I am right here.  I have gone nowhere as there is nowhere to go.  There is only here.  There is only now.  There is only We.  We can never be apart – the thought is inconceivable, the idea unbearable.  You wish to know if I will come back to you, yet I have never left you.  I am in your heart forever as you are in mine.”

“The physical is the hardest place to be, and yet true joy in the same moment as it IS truly only a moment.  But it is a place I will return to – to you. It is too soon to know a time or place or body, although a similar body would please me greatly…it worked out well for us, didn’t it?”

“What is for certain is this…we will know one another when we meet again.  Our hearts will see and know that they are intertwined.  I will come to you as soon as it is appropriate, but it can never be just as it was…that is not possible.  Our journey will continue in a different manner but we WILL travel it together.  I look forward to it.”

“Until that time, I shall never leave your side and you will know I am with you.  When you no longer feel me,  that is the time to watch for my coming.  That is the only clue I can give you now, for it is all I know.”

Naga the Ball Python shares an important message for her people…


Naga’s people are hosts of a metaphysical/spiritual radio program…this is what she had to say about their work…

“There are many watching over what you do and how you do it.  You listen to your guidance and many are pleased.”

“The rate at which you are moving is in direct relation to how you receive your information.  You will be receiving much information that will catapult your work into a new dimensional frequency to reach those that do not hear you in this ~now~ [moment].  You will be reaching many more as they are ready to receive what you have to offer.”

“As you know, you are working in an important time and such is that you must clear and protect your energies to align with those that are available to help you reach the many.  They are there waiting…all you need to do is ask and allow.”

Jesse the Aussie-Shepherd Mix Talks on the Importance of Loving Each Other


“I am very much at peace now.  I left my body right away, but didn’t leave you, as you cared for it [his body] and while still holding hope of re-kindling it.”

“You reached me with every touch and word and thought you put forth towards a body that no longer could feel or hear.  But I was there… I could feel your heart breaking, and at the same time I could feel all your love rushing at me for a gentle embrace… and then…a letting go.”

“The whys and how’s don’t bring true comfort…the knowing that we loved and cared for another who was aware of that love and care, is where our comfort can be found.  Whether it is throughout a lifetime, or just a moment in a life, HOW we love each other is what truly matters.”

“I am so grateful for our time together, both alive and in Spirit and I thank you for understanding my final wishes.  You can talk with me any time and I hope you do…it is no intrusion…I am always available.  Our only boundaries lie in the physical.”

Horse Wisdom

Eye to Eye

“Lightness and darkness are merely illusion.  In reality, there is only truth…now is the time to live yours.”

Rufous the Bichon Frise Speaks to His Person About Experiencing Loss


“I’m  very fine and found my demise as unexpected as you did.  You can stop blaming yourself because one, it does no good and two, I made my own choice to go running where I didn’t belong and there were apparently consequences.  Just let it go – all is well!”

“The why’s don’t matter – what matters is what you received through the experience of my leaving…who did you meet?  What did you hear?  How did you feel?  What you would you do differently and what would you do the same?  It’s those little bitty things that are most important – the intangibles.  But don’t spend too much time on the what-if side of the fence.  Just try to feel it all and be in the middle of it and HAVE the experience of loss and all that goes with it.”

“I can’t wait to come back to you and I’m going to find the funniest looking dog body I can.  I loved being a dog, but more than anything, I loved to see you laugh at me being in my joy.  I can’t wait to come back and do it all over again.  But, we’ll do it a little different next time…you’ll see…it’ll be fun!”

Tink the Tortoiseshell Cat Says to Trust the Flow of Life

“Tell [my person] this is a wonderful life for me.  There is no suffering, for that is a state of mind.  There are discomforts though, but that is an accepted part of life. ”

“What you consciously want for me and what we have agreed upon are two different things.  There are certain experiences we have pre-decided to have together and you must know and trust that there is purpose in them.”

“Whatever we are to experience together is a process that we must allow to flow, as with anything.  Allow things to flow and see where it takes you.  Trust the flow…put your energy into that, not the destination.  The beauty lies in getting there.”

Little Bit the Corgi Mix Talks of the Great Outdoors

“…too much inside, not enough outside…but then I suppose I can NEVER get enough outside! “

“Everything is happening outside all the time…it never stops living out there.  And the smells are fabulous!  The energy of the Earth touching me is very healing and centering, and the air on my fur is a reminder of life and beingness.  There is no greater place to be than outside!”

Valentine the Red Lory Tells Her Person Why She Will Not Reincarnate


“The challenges of the physical world can be difficult ones to experience.  And even though my time with [my person] was most wonderful, I choose to stay where I can serve the best.”

“At this time in your [mankind’s] history,  my energy can do more in this non-form than in physical form.  This may seem confusing, but know that it is true.  There are some who serve well in the physical, but it is no longer [the place] for me.  Perhaps someday, but probably not in [my person’s] lifetime although anything is possible as the energy shifts.”

Coyote’s Message for His Person



“[My person’s] concerns are my concerns. We are connected in a way that cannot be changed by distance or even death. There is a part of us that lives in the physical world and another part that exists in our inner world and everything in between. This may explain some things as well as confuse others, but we do not need to understand it for it to be so.” 

“[My person] can trust that we are both doing and being exactly what we need to do and be and that we only need to allow and embrace our experiences, whether in sorrow or joy.”

Wisdom from Within by a Red Tailed Hawk

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